Factories act 1948

Prior approval of the State Government has been made necessary for every New The installation of a Factory or for the extension of an existing factory. Section 41E empowers the Central Government to take certain steps for laying down emergency standards and enforcement thereof in case no standard of safety has been prescribed for hazardous processes.

Factories Act 1948

Explosive or inflammable dust, gas, etc. Notice of periods of work for adults. Appointment of Safety officers. Suitable precautionary arrangements should be taken against dangerous fumes, gases etc. The definition is artificially projected beyond the scope of natural meaning of what the words might convey thus covering very vide range of activities.

In State of Maharashtra v. Provided that for any area in which Indian Standard Time is not ordinarily observed the State Government may make rules- a specifying the area, b defining the local mean time ordinarily observed therein, and c permitting such time to be observed in all or any ofthe factories situated in the area.

The Bill permits the central or state government to raise this limit to Overtime in public interest: What is a Manufacturing Process. Suitable precautionary arrangements should be taken against dangerous fumes, gases etc. The basic provisions of the old Act relating to Health, safety, and welfare are extended to all work places irrespective of the number of workers employed, except premises where processes are carried on by the occupier with the sole aid of his family.

Under the Act, the state government may make rules to i define persons who hold management or confidential positions; and ii exempt certain types of adult workers e. If no one else has been nominated to be in ultimate control over the affairs of the company, Director of a company or any partner of partnership is deemed to be the occupier.

The minimum age for the admission of children to employment has been raised from 12 to 14 years and the minimum permissible daily hours of work of children were reduced from five to four and a half hour.

Section A The occupier or manager of the factory or any other person who for the time being purports to be in charge of the factory, undertake safety and occupational health surveys, and such occupier or manager or other person shall afford all facilities for such every, including facilities for the examination and testing of plant and machinery and collection of samples and other data relevant to the survey.

The law established for railroad workers an eight-hour workday with additional pay for overtime work. The Fair Labor Standards Act made the eight-hour work day a "legal work day" work throughout the nation. Provided that the State Government may, by order in writing and for reasons to be recorded, exempt the occupier of any factory or class of factories from setting up such Committee.

The Factories Act,1948

rows · An Act to consolidate and amend the law regulating labor in factories. WHEREAS it is.

Factories Act,1948

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New Chapter IVA inserted in the Act.- The Factories (Amendment) Act,has inserted this new chapter in the Act after Chapter IV. The new Chapter lays down provisions relating to hazardous process in sections 41A to 41H.

Factories Act, has been enacted to consolidate and amend the law regulating the workers working in the factories.

The Factories Act,1948

It extends to whole of India and applies to every factory wherein 20 or more workers are ordinary employed. The Factories Act was an Act of Parliament passed in the United Kingdom by the Labour government of Clement Attlee. It was passed with the intention of safeguarding the health of workers.

Factories Act,1948, India

It was passed with the intention of safeguarding the health of workers. Dec 09,  · Factories Act | safety act | industrial safety act | factories act india wikipedia | factories act india A FREE Short Video By .

Factories act 1948
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